Lexicons of Paradise 1990-94

“In opposition to, or concurrent with, cultural history we have geological history. The romance of geological time renders human history truly finite, like a single flap of bats’ wings instantaneously illuminated in the darkness. Darwinian evolutionary theory give light to our vulnerability to time; our survivalist drive is ignited with the knowledge of our own mutation/extinction. How do we weave our intricate narratives of science, psychology and art into this ultimate drama of prehistory? The ever-steady march of culture consumes any recollection of our spiritual origin or connection to organic clarity. Back in the womb of primordial ooze, our aquatic unconscious rambles, unaware of the fear or dread which history and culture fabricates from the chaos of its own devising. The marvel of our destructive/creative essence is the satire of our own beginning and ending in geological time.“ 1991, NYC