Garden Icons

This ongoing series of paintings began during the 2020 period of isolation in a studio with a garden view that tantalized the senses every day.  As a shaman with my ancient materials of brush, paint and surface, I channel vibrations from the animal and plant kingdom into an automatic writing/painting poetry of color, patterns and compositions that incorporate the mathematical structures of the cosmos, such as the labyrinth.

    I celebrate the mystery of my channeling and communication with animals and my art is a lifelong strategy to protect this incredibly beautiful diversity.

   I am connected to the historical roots of nature mysticism as it manifest in the history of art and the present day sciences. Within this inquiry is a fascination with animal emotion, intelligence and an ability to communicate telepathically. Expanding on theories of abstraction and mysticism rooted in Celtic abstraction and Medieval manuscripts, these mathematical compositional structures are dialogues of association with the unconscious and act as powerful icons.