Mental Cities 2000-05

Evolutionary theory states that all life forms are inter-connected and share a common ancestry.  Pondering this ancestry led me to consider all life forms as energies in a quest for Utopia.  The characters in these paintings, operate as forces in a psychological dialogue or quest, suggesting an automatic writing, a stream of consciousness between geological and cultural time. 

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E.M. Donahue Gallery 2000

Filed – CIty 2005

Five Boroughs 1998, Private Collection, NY, 22×22

Float 2000, Private Collection, D.C. 30×26

Fragonard’s Dogwalker 2003

Gallery Installation

Girl in the CIty – Dog Walker 2003, 48×36

Girl in the City 2003

Girl in the City

Glass Garden 2002

Gramercy 2005 50×70

Grasshopper 2000



Laughing Fish, Private Coll, NY

Mental CIty 1999 30 x 26

Mind in Blue 2000

Mind in Blue and Red, Private Collection, NY

Mind in Blue, Private Coll, CA

Mind in Red, Private Collection, NY

Mind Thinking 2000

NYC from Santa Fe 50×50

Private COll. Sweden 1999-2002Paper_boy_30x26in.jpg-nggid03221-ngg0dyn-1200x900x100-00f0w010c010r110f110r010t010

Proposition Installation (2)

Proposition Installation

Rave 2000, Private Coll, NY

Rave 2000, Private Collection, NY


Sidewalk SUbway 2004




Conversation Red 2000, Private coll, NY

Cowgirl 2003